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In our original incarnation as Dynacast, we were inventors of pioneering tooling that is capable of fully magnetising a component within the moulding process.

This inventive and intelligent approach in the application of magnetic theory, in partnership with Andel Plastic's expertise in precision and complex tool design and manufacture is why we have been leading the way in our unique process for over 40 years.

All design and toolmaking for our magnetic components is completed in house in order to protect our unique method of manufacturing the tooling and component.

This turnkey service also provides the advantage of having reduced down time on tool maintenance  The nature of the injection moulding grades of filled polymers is such that it is very agressive on the tooling materials.  Therefore, good maintenance ensures the repeatability and accuracy of the tolerance of magnetic components .

Being able to carry out this tooling maintenance in house enhances the lifespan and productivity of a magnet injection mould tool.

Prototype tooling is key to being able to develop and improve the concept of each magnetised component.  This tooling is usually single cavity in our to optimise the magnetic requirements prior to commencement of multi-cavity tooling.

Being able to mould a magnet using the injection moulding process also means added value in component design.  We can design tooling to overmould on bushes and spindles to ensure a more robust product. 

  • Design consultancy
  • Tool design
  • Prototype tooling
  • Toolmaking in house
  • Insert and overmould tooling
  • Single to multi-cavity tooling
  • Magnet mould tools
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Tool refurbishment
  • Tool repair
  • Tool modifications
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case study

One of our American customers was purchasing an acetal bush from a source within the United States, our magnet ring was then glued onto this bush to produce a hub component.
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Acetal bush for U.S. market